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Bringing life back to your investment

Is your area rug looking a little worse for wear these days? Maybe you have had a spill or your pet has had an accident on it, leaving your rug looking, and smelling, less than desirable. Your area rug is an investment in your home. It contributes to the appearance and general ambiance of your room — it's important that it is cared for and maintained.

The Rug Butler is here to provide your area rugs with the care and attention that they need. Whether you are looking for rug cleaning and restoration, color repair, pet odor removal and more, you can count on us to serve your rug well. We are a family-owned, owner-operated company so you can have peace of mind that your rug is going to be well taken care of. When you hire us, you are can expect nothing less than a premium service. You are hiring a company that pays attention to every detail and who comes in with a perfectionist mindset every single time.

When you purchase an area rug, you are making an investment. Let us help you take care of this investment and get in touch with us below!


Rug Cleaning Services

Not every rug is the same, which means that different cleaning techniques are required to bring out the best in the rug — without damaging it. At The Rug Butler, we follow a specific process to ensure that we understand the method that we need to take to clean your rug. With our experience, you can have peace of mind that we know and understand how to approach every situation when it comes to your area rug cleaning.



We take the time to carefully inspect each rug before cleaning. Dyes are tested for stability and all stains are documented. We also check for moth damage and any worn or damaged areas that may become a concern during cleaning. We also look at the fibers of your rugs to determine the fiber type. Wool, silk, cotton, and other specialty fibers all respond differently to the cleaning process. Our detailed examination allows us to determine the best cleaning approach for each rug that comes in for care.


Dusting / Dry Soil Removal

We have several different methods of removing the dry soil from your rug prior to washing. The approach we take will vary depending on the level of soil found in the rug, the construction, and the overall condition and health of the rug. Some of these methods include harmonic vibration and forced air dusting, This is a vital part of our process as it ensures that we remove as much dirt as possible before cleaning.


Rug Cleaning

Each rug entrusted in our care is cleaned individually, which ensures there is never a risk of cross-contamination. It is important to note that not all rugs are washed or cleaned the same way. Fiber type, age, condition, certain stains and other areas of concern all play a part in determining the best and safest method for cleaning your rug.

If you would like to have your rug cleaned by a professional, get in touch with us today!


Pet Odor Removal

It's inevitable that your pet might have an accident every once in a while. But when this happens on your area rug, it can leave it smelling rather unpleasant. At The Rug Butler, not only do we address the visible pet urine or feces on your rug, but also the unseen interior part where the worst of the pet damage is hiding. Surface cleaning and over-the-counter topical sprays can’t get to the odor-causing bacteria deep within the fibers of your rugs. But we can. Our guaranteed pet odor control treatment ensures that your rugs will be sanitary, fresh, and clean.

Guaranteed Odor Removal

If we say that we will remove an odor during our pre-inspection, you can have rest assured that we will remove it. If the odor hasn't been removed after your rug has been cleaned in our wash facility, we will clean it again at no extra charge.


Color Repair

The vibrant color of your area rug is one of the things which makes it beautiful. Has your color faded? Maybe your rug is damaged from a flood, has pet damage, or has faded from the sun. These can be corrected. Please don't throw your rug in the trash! Have our color specialists provide you with a no-obligation color restoration quote.


Rug & Fringe Repair

If your rugs are showing signs of wear and tear, we will be happy to offer you a no-obligation repair quote for damaged fringe, frayed corners, broken or worn side cords, unraveling ends, etc.


Fiber & Stain Protector

We highly recommend you choose to have protector professionally applied during your cleaning service. Rugs left untreated absorb spills more quickly, potentially becoming permanent. This application will give you extra time to address spills or accidents that may happen in your home making the need for professional cleaning less frequent. Protectors also help to prevent soil from attaching to the fibers in your rug making vacuuming easier and more effective. While protector is extremely beneficial, regular maintenance is still necessary to keep your traffic areas clean. We can apply protector to your rugs, upholstery, fine fabrics, and wall-to-wall carpets!


Moth Treatment

If you suspect a wool moth infestation or see signs of moth damage, call us! We’ll come to your home and do a complete inspection, looking for adult moths, larvae, and casings or webbing with new moth eggs. If we find any evidence of an infestation, we will contain and remove the infected textiles for cleaning and will refer to a pest control company if necessary. Remember to have us apply a preventative moth treatment before placing your rugs in storage.


Rug Pad Sales

Each pad is custom cut to the shape of your rug. Having a quality pad under your rugs helps extend their life, gives a more luxurious feel, and helps protect the floors underneath. All pads come with a 10-year warranty. If your pets have stained your rugs, consider replacing the pads at every professional cleaning interval.


Free Pick-Up & Delivery

FREE pick-up and delivery within the Melbourne / Brevard County area on any order totaling more than $200.00. Pick-up and delivery days are limited to Tuesday and Thursday, or by special appointment. Alternatively, you may pick-up or drop off rugs to the shop Monday – Friday between the hours of 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, or on Saturday by appointment.

Satisfaction guarantee

It is important to us that we perform the best job we can for you. If we do not meet the expectations that we have set for you, we will bring your rug back to our wash facility and clean it again for you.


About us

Why do your neighbors in Melbourne, FL choose the Rug Butler for their rug cleaning & restoration needs?

Thank you for visiting The Rug Butler! My name is Jamie and I started this company to address a challenge in the cleaning world. I owned a carpet cleaning business (which I still very much enjoy) and wanted to pursue something requiring further expertise. So I decided to take my 15 years of experience in the industry, along with the certifications I've earned, including being an IICRC Certified Master Textile Cleaner and a WoolSafe approved Rug Care Specialist, and create The Rug Butler. For you, the client, this gives you the complete confidence that I have the skill and understanding of how best to treat your rugs.

The Rug Butler has the seal of approval from the carpet and rug instituteThe Rug Butler is an IICRC Certified firmThe Rug Butler is a woolsafe approved service provider

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